“Where I Should Be” Vs. “Where I Am”

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It’s April 13th.

Where I should be in terms of word count is 26,000 words.

Where I am in terms of word count is 3,958 words.

I am short 22,042 words.

Needless to say, this has to be fixed ASAP, so for the next few days I have to focus on shutting out the outside world and write, write, write!

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New: Pretty Into Fashion, (A LOVE IN KUWAIT Novella, Part 1)

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Nadia Nader Pretty into Fashion a Love in Kuwait Novella Part 1

Nadia Nader Pretty into Fashion a Love in Kuwait Novella Part 1

And it’s live! I can’t believe I finally hit the PUBLISH button!

Then I did a silly thing…

I changed the title because I saw that “Part 1” wasn’t appearing.

Now the novella is listed back as “Draft” on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) instead of “Live”.


I wish KDP had warned me about that happening before I hit Edit.

Once the novella is live again, I will update this post linking to it.

I’m so excited, I could barely type this post!

Edit: Here it is!

Getting There

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After months of procrastination, I finally submitted my novella for edits. I cannot describe the feeling I had as soon as I hit the ‘Submit’ button. It felt akin to turning in an exam knowing you have some extra time to cram in some additional information. And now that I have turned it in, I think of all things I should have put in it.

The good thing is that I get a chance to do that as soon as it’s back. Right now I have to take some time away from it and work on my dusty novel. My deadline of July 1st has come and gone. And August 1st will be unrealistic. Now I hope to finalize it by September 1st.

I am behind schedule but I am satisfied that I am making some measure of progress. I believe I have the worst procrastination in the world. Once I start working on something I keep at it, for the most part, until something pretty gets my attention and the cycle of procrastination starts all over again.

Now I hope to focus my attentions on my novel and refuse to be distracted by shiny pretty things. We’ll find out by September 1st if I’m successful or not.