The 10 Day Writing Challenge: Day 2

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1:03PM to 1:38PM
Wrote 704 words. Slow going but mainly because I had no idea where I was going. I spent some time rereading the ending paragraphs of previous chapter.

2:51PM to 3:36PM
Wrote 962 words. Not bad for forty minutes but I really should increase my output. At least they are usable words, is what I keep repeating to myself. I’m going to take a break to outline briefly where I want to go in the next few chapters.

6:06PM to 6:52PM
Wrote 1,295 words. The words flowed mainly because I dealt in more dialogue and I outlined what I wanted to happen in the scene. I have been skimming over descriptions, adding a small tag to remind myself to include those later. I’m up to 2,961 words for the day. I realize I’ve wasted time doing alternate things. It just hit me that I have to write 5,583 more words to make up for yesterday’s shortage.

8:07PM to 9:13PM
Wrote 1,481 words. Again, it helped that I outlined beforehand. I will have to go back and flesh it out with description to accurately depict the atmosphere and setting but I am glad that I’m making some headway. I’m going to do one last round of writing in an hour or so and call it a day.

Unfortunately that didn’t quite work out as real life got in the way. I had to help my mother with something so zero words were written.

Day 2 Results:
4,442 words

How I feel about the 4,442 words: Good, but need to find a way to significantly reduce the time I waste. I have to work on concentration skills. I’m still under the 5,105 words I was supposed to write and the additional ones I had to make up. I’ll have to see if I can salvage that throughout the remaining 8 days. Tomorrow, I’m going to have to accommodate for some lost time as I have errands to run. I’ll have to try to make up the difference in the morning.

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The 10 Day Writing Challenge: Day 1

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Omg! It’s 5pm! I haven’t written a word yet. You know what, let me just watch the ‘Modern Family’ finale.

It’s still early. Why don’t I watch an episode of ‘The Office’ for old times’ sake?


OMG! I just wasted two hours zoned out watching shows! MUSTSTARTWRITINGNOW!

Okay, starting with 8,948 words. Let’s go! I can write 5,000 words, yes I can!


I think that’s enough. My head hurts. Let me see how much I’ve written. It feels like a lot.

Day 1 Results:
1,666 words

How I feel about the 1,666 words: Not great. But hey, I managed to get some words down. Combo of lack of sleep and hectic work day wasn’t the best for a productive writing schedule but I will try to make up the difference tomorrow.

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The 10 Day Writing Challenge

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I just realized that May 31st is in 10 days.

That means I have 10 days to make my deadline.

So far, I have written 8,948 for the current MS I’m working on.

It was supposed to be roughly 60,000 words.

Which means I’m short 51,052 words.

In order to make up the difference I will have to write 5,105 words per day to meet my deadline.

Can I do it?

Neil Patrick Harris

Challenge Accepted.

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Writing Update

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I’m now 5,025 words into my 60,000 word goal. I’m happy I managed to write over 2K words but sad I didn’t meet my target goal of 5K words for the day. I’ll have to make up for the missing words tomorrow. It’s going to be tough because I’m committed to an event that will take up most of my evening but I have to make it work.

Part of me thinks it’s insane that I’m attempting to write a 60K novel in two weeks but it serves me right for slacking off for the past 15 days.

I have to make it happen. I have to commit. I have to choose self-discipline over procrastination.

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Fresh Start

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I scrapped my previous words and started fresh. It’s not that momentous, I know, because it’s not like I had many words to begin with. At this point I was hoping to be half-way through my manuscript. Instead of 30,000 words I only have 2,744 words, but that’s okay. I’m really happy with the 2,744 words I wrote today.

We’ll see how I feel about them tomorrow, but right now I’m feeling pretty good about what I’ve produced.

Most of the time today was spent outlining and I believe like I’m on the right track now, where I was waffling before. I planned another writing day tomorrow. I’m hoping the deadlines work this time. I have to finalize this MS by the end of April. No excuses. I have procrastinated long enough. It’s time to buckle down and work.

I know it doesn’t seem like I am getting much writing done but I have been reading up on plotting, outlining my MS, sketching out the characters more thoroughly, and trying to sort out my mailbox. I’ve neglected Wattpad, I hope to have another chapter up there by the weekend so I’m keeping busy.

And of course, here I am writing blog posts!

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