The Enchanted Rose (A Misty Hills Novel, Book 1)

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…and it’s live!

It's finally published!

It’s finally published!



The Enchanted Rose: A Misty Hills Novel is now available at Amazon. It’s a Young Adult Paranormal novel steeped in secrets and mystery.




When Vivian’s mother dies in a tragic accident, Vivian’s world is turned upside down. Her life, as she knows it, is over. A new life, full of her mother’s secrets, begins…

The Enchanted Rose SmallSent away by her father to live with two eccentric aunts on the mysterious Tremaine Estate, Vivian comes to learn that a powerful curse lurks over her family – one that only she may have the power to break. With each day she spends in Misty Hills, Vivian uncovers more unsettling discoveries about the town, her reclusive family, and herself.

Can Vivian let go of every truth she’s ever believed and discover who she really is, before the dark secrets hidden within the supernatural town threaten to consume her and those she loves?

Stories on the Go

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In July 2014, I took part in a flash fiction anthology Stories on the Go: 101 Very Short Stories by 101 Authors edited by Andrew Ashling in the Writers’ Café of the Kboards website.

Stories On The Go 101 Stories KBoards AnthologyThe Anthology went live on December 14, 2014.

To date, roughly 8,000 copies have been downloaded.

Have you gotten your FREE copy?

My piece “The Witch in The Woods” is set in the Misty Hills world (more on that in the next post).

A lot of hard work went into managing and formatting this project. Kudos to Andrew for all his hard work and the rest of the amazing team who helped make this project happen.

Pick up your FREE copy here



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On the 1st of August 2013, my first novella Pretty into Fashion went live. I was super excited. It was the first work I self-published.

Nadia Nader Pretty into Fashion a Love in Kuwait Novella Part 1

Nadia Nader Pretty into Fashion a Love in Kuwait Novella Part 1

Today, on the 23rd of September 2014, I decided to unpublish it. I’m super sad. But I believe I made the right decision.

Back when I first published Pretty into Fashion, I thought I was going to published my full-length novels shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. The reasons for that are numerous and too lengthy to detail. The short version is: I let life get in the way. I procrastinated like crazy.

Last month, I was scheduled to publish my first novel. But, I still felt it wasn’t ready. I’m taking the time now to go over it and try to fix as much as I can. There are still many parts that I am not 100% satisfied with. I’m hoping it will be ready to be published in the next couple of months. When it is published, I don’t want to confuse readers with two different genres. I want to try to build up a loyal following of readers slowly and it would help to set one clear genre in the beginning.

That’s not to say that I’m never going to switch between genres. I’m going to experiment with genres. I’m already doing it over several WIPs. I would love to write pure fantasy but I also want to experiment, learn, and grow as a writer instead of limiting myself to one genre and staying on ‘brand’ the whole time. For the time being I think it would be smarter for me to not confuse my readers since I’m still just starting out.

Even though my head says it makes sense, my heart is still sad.

Goodbye, Pretty Into Fashion.

New: Pretty Into Fashion, (A LOVE IN KUWAIT Novella, Part 1)

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Nadia Nader Pretty into Fashion a Love in Kuwait Novella Part 1

Nadia Nader Pretty into Fashion a Love in Kuwait Novella Part 1

And it’s live! I can’t believe I finally hit the PUBLISH button!

Then I did a silly thing…

I changed the title because I saw that “Part 1” wasn’t appearing.

Now the novella is listed back as “Draft” on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) instead of “Live”.


I wish KDP had warned me about that happening before I hit Edit.

Once the novella is live again, I will update this post linking to it.

I’m so excited, I could barely type this post!

Edit: Here it is!