So Many New Books! So Little Time!

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The September newsletter reached my inbox and I was delighted to see so many of my favorite authors have books out this month. I can’t wait to read all of these books! I’m definitely starting with Sarah J. Maas QUEEN OF SHADOWS because I have been waiting for that book forever!

Are any of your favorites on the list? What are you excited to read this month?




Weekend at the Movies

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I spent most of the weekend publishing and promoting The Enchanted Rose and in my spare time unwinding at the movies.

The two movies I saw were fantastic! I watched The Theory of Everything and The Imitation Game. Both are based on true stories. Both are based on brilliant men. Both changed history.

Imitation Game

Of the two, I much preferred The Imitation Game. The casting was superb, the plot exciting, and overall I loved it!

Theory of Everything

I liked the cast in The Theory of Everything, and thought Eddie Redmayne‘s performance was phenomenal, but the plot was alright. I didn’t get as emotionally distraught as I did watching the trailer.

At the crux of the matter, it came down to what kind of struggle I liked to see. The Imitation Game wasn’t focused on his personal internal struggle, but an external force. Internal struggles are well and good, we all love seeing the triumph of the human spirit, but give me Nazis, Voldemort, Darth Vader and I’m a much happier camper.

(But it didn’t hurt that The Imitation Game had a full cast of eye candy. Hello Matthew Goode & Mark Strong! ;))

The Enchanted Rose Cover

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In the months that I was writing and editing The Enchanted Rose I kept searching for a designer who could successfully showcase the book effectively. I spent hours researching Book Cover designers and perusing countless DeviantArt galleries. I talked to several designers but they didn’t quite get what I wanted.

As soon as I saw Consuelo Parra‘s DeviantArt portfolio I knew she was the designer for the Misty Hills series.

We worked together on a few covers and I can’t wait until the rest of the series is finalized so I can showcase her wonderful work.

But for now let’s admire the Consuelo’s beautiful cover, shot by talented photographer Cathleen Tarawhiti with the beautiful model Danielle Lightfoot.

Nadia Nader Book The Enchanted Rose Misty Hills Series Book 1

For more of Consuelo’s art, visit her gallery.

The Maze Runner

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Yesterday, I saw The Maze Runner.





The book has been on my To Be Read shelf for ages and I never got around to reading it. And it has been there long enough for me to actually forget why I put it on my To Be Read shelf. I had no recollection of what the plot was about and so I had no spoilers going into the theatre.

This is one of the rare times where I actually saw the movie before reading the book and I am so glad I did. I managed to enjoy every second of the movie without having any idea of what was happening or where the story was going. And I loved it! It was refreshing not to be thinking, “That’s not how it happened in the book” or “Wait, they missed out that detail.” And I’m glad for that. Because as it so happens, I found out later there were moments in the book that didn’t make it on screen (I discuss that further below).

I loved the story, the casting, & the amazing set they had. The creepy sounds from within the maze were bone-chilling. It was non-stop action from the moment the movie started until it ended. And I enjoyed every second of it!



I was particularly impressed by the diversity of the cast & their acting talent. I’ve been a fan of Thomas Brodie-Sangster, since I first saw him in Love Actually. He doesn’t look like he’s aged a bit, does he?


I was unfamiliar with the rest of the cast. It was the first time I see Dylan O’Brien and Kaya Scodelario on screen. Actually now that I researched Kaya I see that she was the daughter in Moon, another awesome film.

The first thing I did when I got home was to purchase the sequel to The Maze Runner.

I had to know what happened next & I couldn’t wait until the follow-up movie is released in 2015.

And you know what the first thing that hit me was? The fact that Thomas & Teresa could communicate telepathically. Guess I’ll have to read The Maze Runner later on and see what other details the movie left out, but for now I’m too busy reading The Scorch Trials.


Update: Finished reading The Scorch Trials in one day and here’s my Goodreads review:


The Scorch Trials (Maze Runner, #2)The Scorch Trials by James Dashner

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I saw The Maze Runner movie without having read the book (which is incredibly rare for me). I enjoyed it so much that I purchased the sequel as soon as I got home. I read it in one day because I HAD to know what was happening next.

At the start of The Scorch Trials when finding out Thomas & Teresa had telepathic powers I realized that maybe I should have read The Maze Runner first. After all, time and experience has shown me movies never reflect 100% of the story/plot/detail that are in the book. The Scorch Trials had a lot of action & was quite the page-turner but raised even more questions than The Maze Runner. For the first time ever, I think I should have just waited to see the movie.

I feel compelled to read on to book 3 because I still want/need to know what the frak is going on. This whole experience reminds me too much of what I went through with LOST, and the questions/mysteries raised that were not resolved to satisfaction. I want answers that don’t come with a whole different set of questions. I hope I’m not as disappointed with the ending to this series as I was with LOST.

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Obsessed with: 7 Weird Things Only A Fasting Person Experiences

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A friend of mine shared a link to Amne Alrifai’s hilarious Ramadan blog post. This basically sums up every day of Ramadan I’ve had so far and my group of friends agree.

We’ve all been fan girl-ing over Amne’s blog, so definitely check it out! We’re fans of this post and that post, and of course we all related to this post. But the post below is the one that started it all:

Friends, we’ve talked about what Ramadan is. We’ve talked about what the average day of fasting is like. But you are my readers, and I know what entertains you. As educated and worldly as you are, you just want to giggle at the weird things.

Now that we’ve completed the first week of Ramadan, I give you the seven strangest experiences that this month brings.

1. Sleepy eating.

Many Muslims wake up before sunrise to have a small meal before starting their fast. At first, my brothers and sisters in Islam awake with vigour and enthusiasm:

pooh hungry

But then the toll of waking up so early starts to get to them and they question why they do it. Although they’re eating, they’re not quite awake.

sleepy eating

I remember one year, I woke up to have some water. I was so tired that I filled up my glass of water and put it back in the cupboard. I forgot I had done it and went back to get a glass. Well, you can imagine what happened when I picked up the same glass. I was definitely much more awake.

As the month goes on, many tend to undertake the strongest jihad – to eat or not to eat:

garfield sleep eat

And on nights when ‘eat’ wins…

sleepy baby

It looks something like that.


2. Lots of energy highs and sudden energy lows.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but during Ramadan, it’s like my energy levels can be changed as easily as flicking a switch. You see, I go through these high phases where I’m a machine on a mission and then it momentarily falls apart. I go from this

don't mess with me


to this.

sleey kitty


3. Keto-breath

The biggest problem Muslims face during Ramadan is keto-breath. Halitosis. Bad-Ramadan-breath. It’s amazing how quickly your breath starts to stink when you haven’t eaten. No amount of brushing, flossing and mouth-washing in the morning can prevent it. I’m not sure if others can smell it, but there are some days where I’m like… God have mercy on us all. If a Muslim attempts to conversate with you at a distance, they’re just trying to protect you from this:

Fasting breath - it's real.


4. Random tummy rumbles – really loud, random tummy rumbles.

You’re at an important meeting and being all professional-like. You’re about to make the comment of the meeting. Then this happens:

homer hungry

You’re not really that hungry. But now your insides are empty and the noise that the beast inside makes echoes with the strength of a thousand beating drums. How embarrassment.


5. Unreasonable dinner plans.

The second dumbest thing you can do while fasting is talk about food. The dumbest is go grocery shopping. But sometimes you and your friends decide that it’s a great idea to talk about what you’re going to have for dinner that night. It starts off sane. You’ll have some steak and salad. Maybe some soup. Then you decide you’re going to make some pasta as well… or maybe a lasagne. Maybe you’ll have some roast lamb and some stir fry as well. Then you make an oath to eat everything on God’s green earth.

britney fried chicken too

Oh, and your plans for each and every night?

homer eating


6. Unparalleled excitement about sunset.

I’m sure this onedoesn’t require much explanation. You’ve been abstaining from eating and drinking all day. The day has edged closer to its glorious end. Suddenly, you hear the athan which rings in maghrib (sunset). The realisation that you may now quench your thirst and silence the beast that has growled inside you all day hits, and you celebrate:




7. Inability to actually eat.

After fantasising about food all day, you imagine dinner time to look something like this:

mr bean eating

But as much as you want to, your stomach just won’t accept food in those quantities or at that speed. So instead, you have to take it slow and eat like this:


It’s probably a very good thing, and the one thing that will prevent you from gaining a trillion kilos during the holy month. But it doesn’t really mater, because the first mouthful of anything you eat is amazing.

emma stone yum