TV: The Strain, 24, Suits, Taxi Brooklyn

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I’ve been trying to be good and avoid television but sometimes it can’t be helped. I thought I’d have an easy time of it in the summer with less shows to entice me but these shows snuck up on me and I can’t help spending time on them. Here are four shows I’m hooked on:

The Strain TV Show 2014

The Strain

The newest tv show to my line-up, I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode. I vaguely remember reading the The Strain Trilogybooks years ago. Right now I’m split between wanting to reread them and deciding to enjoy the tv show on its own merits. I’m not a fan of True Blood so it’s nice to have a vampire show to watch.


24: Live Another Day

I’ve really missed Jack Bauer. I’ve been enjoying the latest season of 24 in all its time ticking glory. I don’t really understand why they keep persisting on making Chloe look bad. She’s sporting some truly hideous makeup.



Ah, Harvey, Harvey, Harvey. Great quips, great relationships, great suits. What’s not to love?


Taxi Brooklyn

Taxi Brooklyn is another new show that managed to hook me this season. I love the interplay between Jacky Ido & Chyler Leigh. I felt really silly when I didn’t recognize her as Dr. Lexie Grey but it does her credit. I was not a fan of Lexie. I am a fan of Detective Caitlyn Sullivan though.