The 10 Day Writing Challenge: Lessons Learned

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Well, that experiment was a complete and total bust.

But I did learn one very important lesson:

If I indulge in one day of procrastination, it throws me off track and I find it very difficult to pick things up again.

You would think the fact that I haven’t been very productive in the past two years would have made me pick up on that, but no. It took this challenge to make me wake up and face the reality of my “tomorrow” habit.

The key to meeting my goals is to do some writing every day (even if it’s only a few hundred words!) in order to avoid falling into the “tomorrow” trap. In order to achieve that, I have set a daily work routine for myself. It involves some word count goals but not quite as stringent as I initially planned. This is more focused on getting work done related to the projects on hand. If I follow this plan, I hope to be more successful at achieving the goals I have in mind.

I haven’t lost complete hope in setting a writing challenge like this for myself. I’m thinking of hitting the Reset button and starting another next week just to prove that I can do it.

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