The 10 Day Writing Challenge: Day 2

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1:03PM to 1:38PM
Wrote 704 words. Slow going but mainly because I had no idea where I was going. I spent some time rereading the ending paragraphs of previous chapter.

2:51PM to 3:36PM
Wrote 962 words. Not bad for forty minutes but I really should increase my output. At least they are usable words, is what I keep repeating to myself. I’m going to take a break to outline briefly where I want to go in the next few chapters.

6:06PM to 6:52PM
Wrote 1,295 words. The words flowed mainly because I dealt in more dialogue and I outlined what I wanted to happen in the scene. I have been skimming over descriptions, adding a small tag to remind myself to include those later. I’m up to 2,961 words for the day. I realize I’ve wasted time doing alternate things. It just hit me that I have to write 5,583 more words to make up for yesterday’s shortage.

8:07PM to 9:13PM
Wrote 1,481 words. Again, it helped that I outlined beforehand. I will have to go back and flesh it out with description to accurately depict the atmosphere and setting but I am glad that I’m making some headway. I’m going to do one last round of writing in an hour or so and call it a day.

Unfortunately that didn’t quite work out as real life got in the way. I had to help my mother with something so zero words were written.

Day 2 Results:
4,442 words

How I feel about the 4,442 words: Good, but need to find a way to significantly reduce the time I waste. I have to work on concentration skills. I’m still under the 5,105 words I was supposed to write and the additional ones I had to make up. I’ll have to see if I can salvage that throughout the remaining 8 days. Tomorrow, I’m going to have to accommodate for some lost time as I have errands to run. I’ll have to try to make up the difference in the morning.

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