Shiny Pretty Things

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In my web-surfing today I came across this site that has shiny pretty designs for sale. The concept is simple:

Modernising the first arabic calligraphy [Old Kufi] which started at the first years of Hijra. The first written arabic Quraan was with Kufi, it used to be hard to read because of its characteristics; no dots, no fixed proportions. After inventing the dots for the letters, this type of Kufi started to fade away and die. In Design Kaaf we try to flourish and reveal one of our oldest calligraphy known to Arabic in every aspect in modern design world.

The thing that got my attention was the first name they had on display, Nadia “نادية”. I’m in love with their work. I don’t think I’d wear a “Nadia” bracelet but I would love to have a necklace.

Visit @design_kaaf Instagram account for more shiny pretty things.

Design Kaaf Beautiful Gold Nadia Bracelet

Design Kaaf Beautiful Gold Nadia Bracelet