Party Planning Committee

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My friend, Maha, called me today and asked me if I wanted to be on the party planning committee for Zeina’s birthday. I’m pleased I was asked to help. Zeina always does her best to celebrate our birthdays so it will be great to do something nice for her. We’re going to meet over the weekend to go over details, but it sounds like they have a great theme in the works. I’m super excited!

My social calendar is quite full at the moment and I’m feeling great about it. It’s a thin line between feeling great and overwhelmed for me when it comes to social outings, so I hope the good feeling stays for some time. I love being around people but it also drains my energy. I’m an odd mix of outgoing and retiring. I always have to make sure I keep it balanced or my mood turns horrible.

Dalal is having a gathering at her place tomorrow and inviting a few close friends. On Saturday morning, I have to meet with a friend for a catch up session. Then I’ll have to get ready for another friend’s wedding.

Right now I have to head over to Noor’s to go over her latest kaftan designs. Since Ramadan is early this year, we’ve had to start earlier than usual. The trend this year are lightweight breezy fabrics to combat the soaring temperatures. I’m hoping she shows me bright colors and short styles.

It’s going to be a busy few days. Somewhere in between all this I have to make time to write!