How NOT to Get Rid of Dry, Rough Elbows

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With hot weather already upon us and summer quickly approaching, I thought I should try to focus on making my skin looking better. I googled remedies for dry, rough elbows and scoured the internet for ways to make my elephant-skin elbows look nicer in short-sleeved tops.

One website recommended the following five ways:

  1. Dab on some petroleum jelly and put a sock on it.
  2. Grease ’em up with Zam-Buk.
  3. Apply Vaseline and then… take a shower
  4. Rub a banana peel onto your elbows
  5. Switch out your usual lotion for an emollient cream

After perusing the list, I realized I didn’t have any emollient cream, Zam-Buk, or bananas. And I didn’t want to cut off the ends of my socks. I was always losing socks, I didn’t need to voluntarily destroy a pair! So the only feasible option left to me was the third option, apply Vaseline and then take a shower.

According to the HuffPo piece, “Dr. Andrew Ordon of TV’s “The Doctors” introduced us to this unconventional method to treat dry elbows. According to the plastic surgeon, applying petroleum jelly before stepping into a steamy shower will help the moisturizer penetrate deeper into dry areas.

So, I decided to go ahead and do that. I played an episode of “The Graham Norton Show” for entertainment and started greasing up my elbows with Vaseline. It didn’t take long.

Then I thought, maybe I should wait a while for the Vaseline to be absorbed by my skin before immediately jumping into the shower? It couldn’t hurt, could it?

I sat there watching the show when another idea struck me. Why not put Vaseline on the rest of my arms? It wouldn’t hurt to have my entire arms feel silky smooth, would it? So the Vaseline spread from my elbows to the rest of my arms. I kept scooping it out and applying it generously over my arms.

Of course, I couldn’t stop at silky arms. Why not have silky smooth legs as well? Within seconds, Vaseline coated my entire body.

I stood for five minutes because I couldn’t sit anywhere. That’s when I realized I was desperate for a pee. But, covered in Vaseline, I didn’t want to risk getting it all over the bathroom. I decided to jump into the shower. I had waited long enough for the Vaseline to sink in.

Slightly antsy from the need to pee, I had another brilliant idea. Wouldn’t scrubbing my body with one of my amazing store-bought scrubs make my skin even more silky and smooth? And so, I opened the tub of my favorite exfolliating scrubs and began spreading it on top of my arms, on top of the Vaseline. And I proceeded to scrub, scrub, scrub at my skin.

Now as any person who has used a scrub before, you would know that most scrubs had the grainy pellets that remove the dry skin cells off your body. These pellets sank into the thick layer of Vaseline coating my skin as I continued scrubbing enthusiastically at my arms and legs, part of me excited at what amazing results I will be getting from my innovative idea and the other part still desperate to pee.

I realized I was in trouble when I had to wash off my amazing concoction. If you’ve ever tried to mix oil and water, you know they don’t mix. Water kept flowing over the Vaseline and refusing to get it off my body. Wiping at my slippery skin, I couldn’t make any traction in getting the oily layer off! What was worse, the pellets from the scrub had decided to unite with the Vaseline in their refusal to leave my body.

I kept wiping at my arms to no avail. I used my loofah and I still had pellets stuck on my arms and legs. I spent ten minutes furiously scrubbing at my body until I managed to make some headway. At some point, I had to pick out the pellets one by one just to get them off my body.

By the time I managed to jump out of the shower to pee, I was fit to burst! That may have been one of the longest pees of my life! My body still felt slightly greasy but after spending ten minutes scrubbing away at that crazy concoction, my arms were about to fall off.

Moral of the story: Think things through before you do them. And always make sure you pee beforehand!

Oh, in case you were wondering, my skin feels great! I love the results! My elbows still need more treatment, but I don’t think I’m going to try that again anytime soon.

Shiny Pretty Things

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In my web-surfing today I came across this site that has shiny pretty designs for sale. The concept is simple:

Modernising the first arabic calligraphy [Old Kufi] which started at the first years of Hijra. The first written arabic Quraan was with Kufi, it used to be hard to read because of its characteristics; no dots, no fixed proportions. After inventing the dots for the letters, this type of Kufi started to fade away and die. In Design Kaaf we try to flourish and reveal one of our oldest calligraphy known to Arabic in every aspect in modern design world.

The thing that got my attention was the first name they had on display, Nadia “نادية”. I’m in love with their work. I don’t think I’d wear a “Nadia” bracelet but I would love to have a necklace.

Visit @design_kaaf Instagram account for more shiny pretty things.

Design Kaaf Beautiful Gold Nadia Bracelet

Design Kaaf Beautiful Gold Nadia Bracelet

Follow Your Dreams

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Today has been a great day so far. It almost makes up for yesterday’s awkward “gathering”. I had an amazing catch-up session with my friend, Charlotte. We met at Marina Crescent and had breakfast overlooking the water. The weather was warm, but the fans made it bearable. It’s the 19th of April and already the temperature has reached 37 Celsius!

Charlotte and I spent three hours talking about almost everything. The last year was a life-changer for her. She got pregnant and gave birth. Motherhood has been an incredible journey for her. It’s been fascinating to watch her growth and the subtle nuances of her personality shift. She has always been very independent, but generous and incredibly helpful to others with her time and energy. Her transformation into Momma Bear seemed like a natural progression to me, but she had been taken aback at how she got here.

Follow Your Dreams

Follow Your Dreams

Charlotte discussed the various difficulties that she went through in order to adapt to motherhood and marriage. There has been a need for communication and compromises. The underlying theme of our rambling conversation was, “Follow your dreams.”

Charlotte confessed that one thing she has been thinking of a lot recently is writing. We have always corresponded via email over the years and I believe she has an interesting writing voice. I’ve always enjoyed getting emails detailing her observations of the various locales she’s frequented during her travels around the globe. During her time in a particular country, her emails got so fascinating I urged her to start a blog. Due to time constraint due to her busy schedule the idea never really took off the ground but the desire remained. She continued to email whenever she could and it was fun getting snippets of her adventures.

One of the funniest moments of the breakfast was when she told me that one thing that might suit me was self-publishing. She thought since I enjoyed writing, I could pursue it. I confessed that I was actually working on that. I told her about my journey, how this has been something I first began researching in 2010 and hoped to get serious about in 2012. We discussed the various reasons I didn’t accomplish my goals for self-publishing in 2012 but that I did manage to self-publish a short novella in 2013. It’s strange, but this was the first time I spoke to someone about what I’ve been up to. I internalize my work and only discuss it on the blog. I tend to be vague when I discuss it with my friends. They know I am interested in writing and that I’m pursuing it but they don’t have any details beyond that. Oh, I have told them that I’m working on a fantasy novel too, but that’s pretty much it.

It was liberating to tell Charlotte my hopes and dreams for this path. I have a five-year plan in place with various milestones that I hope to touch upon along the way. My main goal is to reach people and have readers fall in love with the characters and worlds I create. I would love it if I could make enough of a living doing this to retire my Corporate Life Chronicles, but it’s still okay if I don’t.

I confessed that I felt that I wasted a lot of time getting here but I’m happy at the pace I’m setting and working at. I’m content with where I am at the moment but have slight regrets that I couldn’t get my act together earlier. Charlotte said that sometimes the timing isn’t right, and I agree with that. I had issues to work through at the time. What helped is that even though I wasn’t writing much, I was still learning and educating myself. I’ve followed scores of people on their self-publishing path and tried to learn from their experiences so that I can side-step any pitfalls. As for the issues of 2012/3, I’ve gotten most of them out of my system and I am ready and willing to be serious about my craft.

As soon as I got home, I realized that Charlotte and I touched upon common threads that Lisa and I discussed last Saturday. Funnily enough, we had been at Marina Crescent during that chat too. And during that talk Lisa told me that she had penned a relationship novel. She was inspired by the books she would buy and read and realized they didn’t convey the reality of her relationships. So she decided to write about them. She’s in talks with a local publishing house and they’re going to try to get it out and on shelves by year-end. Yes, that quick! The publishing world works differently in this side of the world. Lisa’s one of the few friends I had discussed my writing goals with at the beginning. She used to be a writer but gave it up so I’m really excited that she’s done this. I can’t wait to get a copy of her book.

Follow your dreams. Don’t regret wasted opportunities or wasted time. Focus on the here and now and do what needs to get done. Set goals. Don’t stress over timetables and deadlines. As long as you’re on the path, that’s all that matters.

The Third Wheel

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So…Dalal’s gathering where she was inviting a few friends?

Not so much a gathering.

It was just Dalal, her boyfriend, and I.

I hate being placed in these type of situations. If you want to spend time with your boyfriend, then just spend time with your boyfriend. There’s no need for me to be there.

I wasn’t sure why I was invited. You know how sometimes you have friends who want to spend time with their significant others but want someone there to entertain them? Have you ever had that happen to you? Have you ever had that moment of realization that you’re there to supply them with fresh stories because their relationship had gotten stale, they wanted a change of scene but didn’t want to commit to going out, or for whatever reason?

Well that didn’t happen tonight.

Dalal was quite fine flirting with him and didn’t need me to inject their relationship with titillating conversation. Not that I did, mind you. As soon as I got a grasp on the situation, I was just counting the seconds until I got out of there.

All in all, the entire evening was awkward and uncomfortable, and at some point I finally realized the reason I was invited was so that she wasn’t officially “alone” with him in her home.

So yeah, the evening didn’t go as expected.