Getting There

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After months of procrastination, I finally submitted my novella for edits. I cannot describe the feeling I had as soon as I hit the ‘Submit’ button. It felt akin to turning in an exam knowing you have some extra time to cram in some additional information. And now that I have turned it in, I think of all things I should have put in it.

The good thing is that I get a chance to do that as soon as it’s back. Right now I have to take some time away from it and work on my dusty novel. My deadline of July 1st has come and gone. And August 1st will be unrealistic. Now I hope to finalize it by September 1st.

I am behind schedule but I am satisfied that I am making some measure of progress. I believe I have the worst procrastination in the world. Once I start working on something I keep at it, for the most part, until something pretty gets my attention and the cycle of procrastination starts all over again.

Now I hope to focus my attentions on my novel and refuse to be distracted by shiny pretty things. We’ll find out by September 1st if I’m successful or not.

New Header

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I decided to brighten up the blog by adding a header. Yes, it’s only a dash of pink and purple but I like the overall effect. I took the photo a few months ago, from the roof of a building. The weather was clear and I loved the view. I was going to use the image for a book cover but it didn’t work out so I manipulated the colors until I turned Kuwait pink.


I like this new skyline of Kuwait. A few years ago we had a handful of tall buildings in Kuwait. All that has changed now. The Communications Tower is in the center of the photo. You can see how Al Hamra Tower dwarfs it to the right.

All these new skyscrapers and buildings are changing the city’s skyline. They change my perception of neighborhoods when I drive into them. There are so many places for new towers to be built. I’m sure the next few years will change the skyline even more.

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